Comprehensive Recovery

          from a Broken Relationship

Dr. James Stillwell

and the Art of Divorce Recovery

by the late Don McNay — McNay Report — Feb 26, 2013


CORBIN   “Hear the whisper of the raindrops, Blow softly against my window, Make believe you love me, One more time For the Good Times”

                       —Kris Kristofferson  (hits for Ray Price & Elvis Presley)


“For the Good Times” hit the charts about the time that my mother and father divorced. For the rest of his life, it was one of dad’s favorite songs. In 2006, after my first marriage ended, it became one of mine.

The song resonates because it pays homage to good memories.  

On the other hand, it’s easy post-divorce to be obsessed with looking back. Although the song focuses on happiness, post-divorce reflection often breaks down into bitterness, anger, finger-pointing and name-calling.  Not only has the divorcee gone through hell, they can’t seem to get past it.

That is where Dr. James Stillwell comes in. His job is to help people learn from their past, but focus on the future.

Stillwell, based in Lexington, is a master of divorce recovery.

James, a happily married grandfather and father of four children, did not learn about divorce from firsthand, but it’s hard to knock Dr. Stillwell’s street cred.

Along with an impressive academic background, Dr. Stillwell has helped over 3000 individuals and families through the divorce recovery process.

I have referred several friends and clients to his divorce recovery workshops and others to receive individual and couples counseling.

All rave about his services.  

James told me that it’s hard for him to go in public and not run into someone who tells him, “You saved my marriage” or “You helped me get through the worst period of my life.”

Job satisfaction has to be high on James Stillwell’s list.

He truly makes a difference.

He is an incredibly nice man with the perfect demeanor to be a counselor.  He has read and mastered every book ever written on relationships and knows when to drop his knowledge into an individual situation. He comes \from a background in the ministry, but his outlook and services are non-denominational.  

He’s made the transition from being affiliated with a mega-church to setting up his own counseling services and divorce recovery workshops.  

I am sure he nails individual counseling because every divorce is different, but he has had incredible success with his group workshops.

I wish I had gone to one.

Dr. James Stillwell

KY Licensed Pastoral Counselor,

Interfaith Counseling Center

Frankfort Pastoral Counseling

St. Matthew's Pastoral

Counseling Center

Dr. James Stillwell is a master of divorce recovery, and helps people learn from their past, while focusing on their future.

Dr. Stillwell has helped more than 3,000 individuals and

families through the divorce recovery process. He has over

25 years of experience in single adult ministry, and his

career is founded on an impressive academic background

Dr. Stillwell is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and is happily married to wife Vivian, is a nurturing father of four children, and a proud grandfather.


James Stillwell, D. Min.,

is a pastoral counselor with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors helping individuals and couples integrate their faith with their life issues. His position as Adult Life Pastor and his many years of leading divorce recovery workshops have led to his specialization in the areas of single adult issues, marriage enrichment, divorce recovery, and premarital preparation (using the PREPARE program).

Dr. Stillwell’s educational background includes a Doctorate in Theology, seminary Master's degrees in Theology and Education, and a Bachelor's degree in Religion.